January 2019 – Our last project was very angular, inspired by winter trees, bare, with lots of fractured lines – not cosy at all! So, to follow, our new project is a complete contrast, with elements of folk quilts or the cottage garden. The background is traditional, square in a square, towards the margins of the quilt. A plainer section zigzags down the centre of the quilt, a focal space for pieced and appliqued images, individual to each member of the group. Photos coming soon.

13th – March – technical hitch! more news and photos to follow soon!

6th March – We had a week off due to severe weather warnings! It was quite dramatic for this part of the world. There was a foot and a half of snow outside my house, but we brought lots of wood in, lit the wood burner, and I settled down to watch the very unusual array of birds (I threw a lot of food out for them), and did some sewing. I dug out an unfinished project from a few years ago

So, this is a project, that I set for the group. Each person had to design or find a basket design. Then they had to make a pattern (to the given dimensions) and write instructions for making their basket block and copy these to each member of the group. The result was that everybody was able to make a quilt incorporating blocks designed by each group member, but made by themselves.


I wanted mine to have the designers names embroidered on each block. This was quite fiddly, which is why it was abandoned for a while – well, a few years actually! – Sometimes it’s hard to get back to things when you’ve put them down for a while.

14th February – This is my quilt top on the left (might have a border added yet). Wendy’s quilt, with bold twigs in yellows and purples is in the centre and looking really good. Janet’s quilt, on the right is very different in look. She has used heavily printed denim coloured fabrics and the twigs are very subtle and less twiggy!

            Marcia is working out which blocks to work on and how this will distribute colour across her quilt. She is using warm yellows, greys and ecru.

7th February – The background rectangles are joined into pairs (just in selected areas of the quilt) 4 joined pairs are lined up on top of each other and slashed into 4 sections, which are rearranged and rejoined using fusible interfacing and homemade bias strips (using a bias maker – although our bias strips are cut on the straight, not the bias, as they do not need to form a curve)


30th January – Everyone’s WINTER quilts are coming on really well. It is so interesting to see each person’s different interpretation

17th January – Wow some lovely colour and fabric choices – really exciting!

10th January – Group – Happy New Year! it’s good to be back to Wednesday night meetings and with a new project WINTER – a project inspired by bare trees in winter. The background is made up of rectangles smoothly blended from light to dark or from one colour to another. The shapes are fractured, broken up into geometric shapes, scattered and rejoined with twiggy outlines.

19th November: Helen – Finally recovered from the show – ie started sewing again. I have a quilt top ready for quilting. I’m thinking of quilting it with circles and squares. Circles in the center squares and the first surround and then squares outside that, in black when it is on bright and medium colours and in brights when on black and white. The pattern is a square in a square in a square, sliced into quarters and then mixed up and reassembled. It has 3 definite fabric groups, vivid brights, black and creams and finally colour wovens in fairly neutral colours.

2nd November: Helen – Elephant doorstop – nearly finished – this will be one of the gifts for sale at our show – it only needs its eyes now

23rd October: Helen – Leaf brooch to sell at our exhibition. Panne velvet and batik fabrics onto a felt base, machine stitched and then embelished with beads.

19th October: Mary – I have used transfere dyeing and experimentation, including dyed crimplene to make these 2 containers. The pyramid cushion uses “stitch ‘n’ flip”.


17th October 2017: Sue – I am close to finishing this quilt for a colleague’s wedding. I always piece my quilts by hand. Just the outer borders are added by machine. This is sandwiched with the backing and batting now, ready to quilt.



11th October 2017: We are working hard making gifts to sell at the exhibition in November. Had fun creating these little snowmen, made from fleece fabric with hand-knitted hats and scarves

Nude snowmen   “Brrr…”                                Dressed snowmen   “Ahhh…”









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