Sue made this vibrant quilt for her daughter from fabrics she bought in a shop in Sidney, Australia. It will eventually be going back to live with her daughter in Australia, but not before appearing at our show in November, I hope!

 Jan’s Winter Twigs quilt

A quilt made by our group in 2018 – 2019 to be sold for charity – almost finished!


     Marcia’s quilt

Ruth’s quilt in black and white

Helen’s in browns and reds

CIRCLE PLAY: a project we did with a Japanese feel. Some very different interpretations from the group and some very nice work on curved seams!


COMPASS POINTS: a technically challenging project – but worth the effort.


RUTH’S BEAUTIFUL JAPANESE QUILT                Chris’s lovely batik quilt: made  for  her daughter


FEATHERS QUILT: made by Chris                WAVES: Helen

These 2 quilts were part of the same project – same technique – different pattern – The pieces are cut from layered stacks of the different fabrics used. Then the pieces are mixed up and arranged edge to edge on squares of light weight fusible interfacing, fixed and then the joints are covered with bias strips (made with a bias maker), the same colour as the borders, which are sewn down with a long blanket stitch. The quilting and assembly of the blocks is “quilt as you go”



A group project with  traditional feel – a square in a square forms the center of an eight pointed star and the remaining blocks have two interlocking squares round a large octagonal center


Marcia’s Cotton Reel Quilt:  A very simple block with half square triangle corners, this is a lovely quilt in whites with soft mauves and purples. The border has Somerset points and the backing has broad stripes in the same colours. A very fresh and pretty colour scheme.

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